* All of the 2010 Gatherings were highly successful, beautiful and unique. Please feel free to look at the photos from each gathering. We will be updating our 2011 dates as they become available. If you are interested in sponsoring a gathering in your area, please contact Helene @

2010 Gatherings for Women

Sisters of the Sacred Spiral

New Mexico
June 11,12,13
“Walk in Beauty”
Join us in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of Northern New Mexico for a weekend of renewal, reconnection and to rekindle the flames of the female spirit. 505 310-1244 or email at

Rencontre Sacrée
Rupert, Québec
June 25,26,27
We are pleased to let you know that we are gathering at a new location. Pine and Birch Ranch Retreat is conveniently located between Masham and Rupert, Québec. We have had to adjust our rates to accommodate our new location. If you have any questions about the new rate schedule, please do not hesitate to contact us. To reach us by phone : Hannah 819-422-2552 or we may be contacted at

Maine Council of Women
August 26,27,28,29
Join us for a weekend of sacred ceremonies, fun teachings and gentle friendship in the spectacular White Mountains of Maine on 1,000 secluded acres of a protected forest, which surround a pure and crystal clear lake. Celebrate your feminine spirit with us on the shores of pristine Trout Pond.

Sisters of the Sacred Spiral
September 10,11,12

At The Center 2009
Weekend retreat for women, Hartford, Maine
Join us for a relaxing weekend in the woodlands of At The Center where your cares are soothed away in our hot tub, your prayers are heard in ceremony and your creativity released. Camping under the stars, trails for walking, hot tub, good conversation and plenty of laughter.

2010 Gatherings for Men

21st Annual Council of Men

"Coyote Circle Dancing"
September 10 – 12, 2010
Union, Maine

The sun rises on a new day. Tonight the Men's Council fire will be lit and the Council Drum heartbeat will begin.

For twenty years this day has come. Men have gathered to honor each other and our relationship with all of creation. Fathers bring their sons for quality time together. Musicians bring their instruments to celebrate creativity. A young man bravely shows up alone not knowing what he will find. One man brings his best friend to share the joys of his first child. A boy comes with a family friend. And a story brings its teller.

There are many reasons for men to gather. The most important is that we need each other. We need each other’s support, comradery and stories so we can learn from each other. In this way we can be present for our families, our communities and ourselves. The Men's Council honors the Native American traditions of our teachers and other wisdom traditions of the world. On the first night people set up their campsites, old friends and newcomers greet each other and the story begins. A fire is started that will be the central gathering place for the weekend. The heartbeat of the Council Drum will bring the spirit of this place to life. All will be welcomed into our circle -our ancestors, our teachers and all the spirits that wish to join us to help us learn, heal and grow. Into the night we will speak and listen. We go to sleep with full bellies and the night air filled with spirit dreams.

Throughout the Council weekend, the days are punctuated with rich conversation, spirited teachings, laughter, music and wonderful food. A man cries his loss remembered. A young warrior dances his claim to manhood. We celebrate our survival in the physical world and embrace our healing skills and our own resourcefulness and craftiness. Eagles watch from far above. And the Council of Ancestors watch to see what we have learned. As we part - brothers in arms, we pray the four winds carry us safely to hearth and home. When the full moon begins to climb the evening sky again we will gather.

Mitakuye Oyasin.

David Daniels Red Thunder Hawk
(207) 892-4675

Richard Norton Little Laughing Bear Heart
9 Harrison Road
Windham, ME 04062
(207) 899-5194

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