Little Shop of Wonders

Wicked Wicks of the West

Our candles are respectfully and lovingly crafted and assembled in harmony with the energies that surround us. Each hand made candle comes with a card explaining its properties and instructions for use.

Sand Candles

Paraffin candles crafted at the Pacific Ocean in Mazatlan at the turn of the tide on the new moon in Aries specifically for new beginnings, good fortune and spreading light.

Tall candles - $10 ea.
Short candles - $5 ea.

Beeswax candles crafted at the Pacific Ocean in Mazatlan on the spring equinox with a focus on sweet new beginnings. They will help inspire you to take specific steps to further your projects.

5" candles - $8 ea.
2" candles - $4 ea.

Beeswax candles crafted in ceremony on the first full moon of spring for clarity and deepening trust in relationships. They are also dedicated to helping us understand how our relations can be used for social good.

$8 ea.

Light of the Moon

These 13 candles have been blessed by the energies of the moon. Each candle holds the energy of the moon cycle it represents. When working with these candles, you are committing to a lunar year of ritual and focus on a specific issue. $25 includes candles, prayer, instructions and hand made pouch.


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