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By Hal


Hal is a tarot reader and teacher serving clients worldwide in person, on the internet, and by telephone. He has a Masters Degree in Counseling and has training in astrology, spiritual healing, metaphysics, and tarot. Hal is adept at bringing this knowledge down to earth in a usable, understandable form and has been a professional tarot reader for 25 years. Hal spends half the year each in Mazatlan, Mexico and Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Cost: $50 (US) or 500 pesos (Mexico) per reading  / Length of  reading is 30-60 minutes.

Why get a tarot reading?

A tarot reading gives us information that would not normally be accessible to us. With this information we can make the most successful choices, and have a life that is satisfying and in harmony with our highest purpose.

A tarot reading provides

Knowledge is power!


"I am thankful to have had the opportunity to have Hal do several tarot readings for me. Hal has provided not only exceptional guidance in assessing what approach to take for future events, but also in offering an understanding of the events that were taking place in my life at these times. Hal is gifted with the knowledge of many different aspects …including Numerology and Astrology. I found Hal’s approach to be fun, compassionate and accurate. Two thumbs up!" - Jeff S., Mazatlan, Mexico

“I had a tarot reading by Hal in September 2009, when I met him for the first time. He provided a comprehensive reading and I found him to be extremely intuitive. The messages revealed in the cards were very fitting to my current questions and issues … and also to my life situation, this despite the fact he knew nothing about me. Throughout the reading, he focused on the positive aspects and what I could do to bring about positive results. I took his suggestions to heart and am now reaping the benefits of the changes I have made. I would definitely have another reading with him.” - Lynn B., Ontario, Canada

"Hal is THE person to see if you want an honest and spiritual tarot reading. He leaves you feeling like you've finally received honest answers to the questions you've been asking. Very laid-back style too." - Rita S., Mazatlan, Mexico

“Hal did an amazing reading for me several months ago. He is able to see both the challenges and the opportunities presented in the cards he is reading. He conveys this knowledge in an insightful and open way. His interpretations are dynamic, as he explores not just the symbols but the forces moving the reading and how these influences may apply to your question. Hal has many years of experience working with the cards and working with people, and it shows. He holds a safe and non-judgmental space for personal exploration and discovery.” - J.L., Albuquerque, NM

“After the session, my consciousness was temporarily loosened up to allow space for new action and new direction in my life. Gently, yet powerfully, I experienced the receiving, the awakening and the guidance vibrating in my heart. The quality of Hal’s presence is a real source of inspiration. It is an experience of renewing and making new choices for one’s self. - Suzanne R., Sherbrooke, Canada

“I have always appreciated your gentle approach in helping me get in touch with truth and also with tools to help me figure out how to best handle the lessons I'm dealing with. I've had tarot readings from you that were life-changing.” - Helene D., Santa Fe, NM

“Just to sit down with Hal was a happy experience. His energy was calming and confident and I knew I was in good hands. I had just gone through some stressful turmoil and needed to rebuild my confidence and vision of myself. As Hal read the cards for me I was shown the painful situation I was just leaving and then shown many positive aspects that were waiting for me to step into. This lifted my spirits immensely as Hal reconnected me with my positive and productive self. … I realized how deep Hal’s energy had taken my question, and ultimately opened me up to a broader and very fulfilling outcome, helping the dark past to fall away and putting me in touch with my very bright future.” - Teresa A., Santa Fe, NM

To schedule a reading:

Hal the Tarot Reader

Santa Fe, NM

Mazatlan, Sinaloa, MX


(505) 310-5276 (April – October)  USA

669-150-1293 (October - April)  Mexico

Readings available anytime on Skype

We will schedule a reading for you in the most convenient way possible.

Be sure to visit Hal's blog: Tarot Remedies

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